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Cancellation Policy

(Terms and conditions)
…and, if I need to cancel my appointment? 

Yes, we understand that unexpected things happen, and sometimes you can’t keep an appointment. However, we have been experiencing an increase in last-minute cancellations and ‘no-shows’ of late without any reason provided.

Once you make the appointment please note that it is your responsibility to keep it and arrive on time. If you cancel within 12 hours of your appointment then a 50% fee will be charged to you. If you forget on the day and miss your appointment or fail to give at least 3 hours notice then you will be charged the full fee.
  • Not turning up to an appointment - 100% fee
  • Cancelling the appointment within 3 hours of your appointment - 100% fee
  • Cancelling the appointment within 12 hours but not less than 3 hours - 50% fee

There are many reasons for this policy. These are so we don't lose income - a single missed appointment can make a big difference for small businesses -  and also clients who need an appointment can get them.

If you miss an appointment, you will receive an email with an invoice - this invoice could be paid online, at your next appointment, by bank transfer (we’ll send you the bank details), or on the phone via credit card and you will have 7 days to pay it.
We're sure you will understand as if you miss your appointment it means another client who is on the waitlist will miss out and as we are a client-based business we also lose income. 

Failure to pay this fee may result in debt recovery action or you being banned from booking with us in the future.
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